Mini spray

Mini refresh

Choose of the popular fragrances: Ocean Breeze, Paradise Flowers or Exotic Fruits and release a pleasant aroma in your home whenever you want. When the fragrance is depleted, simply replace it with no problem.

Brait Mini Spray is comprised of the device and replaceable fill. The device is reusable, the refill is very easy to insert and the whole product is kept clean with no problem. The big advantage of the new dosing device is the use of the plastic sucker instead of adhesive tape, so you can change the location without worrying that the spray will not stick again.

Mini sprays contain 2in1 AIR CARE FORMULA, which:

  • effectively neutralize and absorb particles responsible for unpleasant odors instead of masking them;
  • leave a long lasting pleasing scent.

Capacity: 10 ml lub 2 x 10 ml

Fragrances: Ocean Breeze, Paradise Flowers, Exotic Fruits