Classic air fresheners

Nature inspired scents

Nature inspired scents

Feel the subtle and relaxing floral notes or energizing fruity aromas. Evoke the memories of summer holidays and create a unique aura in your home with the rich range of Brait scents.

We’re EKO

We use compressed air instead of gas, which makes our products even more environment friendly.

Capacity: 240 i 340 ml

NEW 3in1 Air Care formula:

  • doesn’t mask but eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • ills interiors with pleasant aromas;
  • humidifies the air, leaving a feeling of hygienic freshness

Fragrances: Relaxing Lavender, Crystal Air, Ocean Breeze, Anti Tabacco, Lemon Fresh, Exotic Fruits, Paradise Flowers, Oriental Garden, Lily of the Valley, Pine Forest