toilet discs

Toilet discs

Brait toilet disc is intended to be placed directly in the toilet pan. It prevents deposit accumulation and keeps long-term freshness, even in the most inaccessible places.

Weight: 50 g

Fragrances: Oceanic, Pine

Brait toilet discs:

  • color the water blue or green;
  • foam abundantly;
  • prevent limescale accumulation;
  • ensure long-lasting fresh aroma.
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toilet discs

decor rim block

Decor rim block

Unique decorative form of rim blocks!

Mono-phase toilet block Brait Decor Fruits helps to maintain hygienic cleanness and freshness, giving long lasting pleasant aroma.

Unique toilet decoration!

Thanks to the two-parts basket (front fall, back open) product effectively releases its properties, without exposing the block.

Thanks to the new formula it:

  • softens water
  • prevents from limescale built-up
  • neutralizes odors

Gramatura: 40 g

Zapachy: Flowers, Floral, Fruits

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decor rim block

two-phase blocks

Two-phase blocks

NEW product on the Polish market

Brait two-phase toilet blocks contain three different fragrances enclosed in an original wavy basket, which makes it even easier to remove dirt and keep the toilet hygienically clean and fresh for a longer time.

Weight: 45 g

Fragrances: Flowers, Ocean, Pine, Mystic Rose, Lilac Garden

Advanced HYGIENE&FRESH formula:

  • cleans and removes all dirt;
  • freshens and eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • prevents from deposit and scale formation;
  • leaves intense aroma for a long time.
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two-phase blocks

single-phase blocks and refills

Single-phase blocks and refills

Single-phase Brait toilet block ensures hygienic cleanliness, protection from scale deposition and pleasant aroma. Thanks to the reusable basket, this product is easily refilled.

Weight: 40 g

Fragrances: Flowers, Oceanic, Lemon, Pine

XTRA POWER formula:

  • cleans producing a large amount of foam;
  • prevents from scale, rust and yellow water stains deposition;
  • ensures long-lasting intense aroma.
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single-phase blocks and refills