dry air fresheners

Dry air fresheners

NEW THREE fragrances!

Choose fancy cold refreshing, juicy explosion of the senses or sweet party in the 80’s disco rythm!

Comfortable dose

Special, ergonomic shape cans guarantee comfortable use.

With no rainy effect

We do not add water in production process, so you can enjoy dry mist in your home. No more wet stains!

Fragrances: Choco Dream, Relaxing Moments, Moon Garden, Cold Alaska, Juicy Sunset, Pink Party

Capacity: 300 ml

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dry air fresheners

classic air fresheners

Classic air fresheners

Nature inspired scents

Nature inspired scents

Feel the subtle and relaxing floral notes or energizing fruity aromas. Evoke the memories of summer holidays and create a unique aura in your home with the rich range of Brait scents.

We’re EKO

We use compressed air instead of gas, which makes our products even more environment friendly.

Capacity: 240 i 340 ml

NEW 3in1 Air Care formula:

  • doesn’t mask but eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • ills interiors with pleasant aromas;
  • humidifies the air, leaving a feeling of hygienic freshness

Fragrances: Relaxing Lavender, Crystal Air, Ocean Breeze, Anti Tabacco, Lemon Fresh, Exotic Fruits, Paradise Flowers, Oriental Garden, Lily of the Valley, Pine Forest

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classic air fresheners